Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fall Travel Essentials

With autumn around the corner my weekend travels start to become more abundant. Hubby and I are always searching for new little towns to visit to take in the changing foliage. Though I'm an avid planner, he is more of a go with the flow type and often surprises me with spur of the moment outings. So having a list of trip essentials in mind is key to quick and stress free packing. 

First and foremost I never travel anywhere without this weekender bag. I purchased this tote last year before our trip to Maine and it was the perfect size for storing all my necessities and kept me from lugging my giant suitcase out each day. It has lots of different compartments which I also like for keeping everything organized. The second thing to always make it into my luggage is a blanket scarf. With warm days and chilly evenings fall is definitely a season of changing weather. Not only does this scarf add a stylish element to an otherwise basic outfit, but it will keep you warm and can even be used as a blanket to wrap up in. Comfort is of the utmost importance when exploring so a good pair of relaxed jeans and a casual tee are preferable. Even on day trips I always bring at least two pair of shoes. Ankle boots are my favorite and help dress up this casual look for shopping or dinner out. We are devoted outdoorsmen so more than likely we will find a hike or another outdoor adventure wherever we end up. Hiking boots or tennis shoes are primary on my checklist. 

Hope this aids you in packing for your fall travels!
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