Friday, April 28, 2017

T3 Micro Whirl Trio Styling Wand Review

Happy Friday friends! Y'all know how much I love my T3 styling tools so I'm super excited to share  the infamous Whirl Trio Wand with you today. This is by far my favorite product from the T3 line. It's seriously made all my hair dreams come true!! I know I know, you're thinking really Courtney? Dramatic much? Haha In all honesty though this wand is a game changer! You'll be able to achieve gorgeous waves, curls and texture in a matter of minutes and they last all day!

Before we dive into the different types of curls, I want to share all the features. The coolest thing about this wand is the interchangeable barrels. You are really receiving three styling tools in one! A 1" straight, 1 1/2" straight and a 1 1/4"-3/4" tapered. There are 5 heat settings ranging up to 410-degrees. For me personally I keep it on a 3 because this baby is HOT and only takes a second for each curl to set but for those of you with thicker hair 4 or 5 would be perfect. It also has a 360-degree swivel cord that keeps it from tangling while your using it. That is one of my biggest pet peeves so I'm definitely giving it bonus points for that one!

Now on to the different styles. Each barrel helps you create a different look. Whether you prefer spiral curls, mermaid beach waves or full bodied volume the Whirl Trio has you covered! Most often you see me rocking the piecey tousled waves. I love the effortless textured look,  just like I've spent the afternoon on the beach. To achieve this look yourself, you'll need the 1 1/4" tapered barrel. Start by wrapping each section of hair two to three inches from the root down. Then leave an inch free at the end to create that perfect straight finish. The smaller the section the more texture your hair will have. I've provided a few images of all these styles with each barrel listed below.

1 1/2" straight - Full volume waves

1" straight - Spiral curls

1 1/4"- 3/4" tapered - Messy textured waves

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions I didn't answer leave them for me in the comments below. Also this set is currently 10% + free shipping! It rarely goes on sale so take advantage while you can!! I've linked it and all product details from this post. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

*Thanks to T3 Micro for sponsoring today's post!

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  1. No wonder your hair always look incredible! I need to replace my old curling wand and I may be eyeing this one now!
    x, B ||

  2. Looove this! Such great tools! You look beautiful as always


  3. They have some great tools. Your hair looks amazing as always.

    Gabriela Vera

  4. Your hair looks great and I'm OBSESSED with these PJ's!

    Dasha |

  5. Your hair is always so pretty! I need to get my hands on this styling wand!

    Amanda ||